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Our class looked at the water demand that growing grapes and winemaking have in Tuscany.


בדיקה מהו הפרוייקט מה נוכל להשיג בשימוש בפלפורמה כיצד הסטודנטים יכולים להיות חלק מהפרוייקט

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Our environmental science class went to a local farm in Montepulciano, Italy and did a soil analysis. On Monday, July 17th, the ambient temperature was 29.5oC, the humidity was 74%, and the soil te... Read More

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According to Wikipedia, the sangiovese grape takes a long period of time to develop from a bud to a full size grape. Here in Italy the fruit is usually harvested between mid September to late Octob... Read More

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Chianti wine gets its name because its make only in the Chianti region in Tuscany. For this wine to be official, it needs to be made in the Chianti region, and contain at least 80% Sangiovese grape... Read More