Italy's Water Footprint
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Italy's Water Footprint

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In Italy, their water footprint compared to other European countries is very different. Italy’s water consumption is much higher than the European average. According to an article for Expo written by Jorgelina Di Pasquale “In Italy, agriculture is the most thirsty economic sector with the major percentage of the water footprint of consumption, (85%), it is followed by industry (8%) and domestic use (7%).” There are many irrigation methods used in Italy, such as surface runoff and lateral infiltration, inundation sprinkling, and many more. The blue element of Italy’s water footprint uses groundwater supplied in house or in the local area. This means that they irrigate the land using surface water and aqueducts. The crops grown in Italy that have the greatest impact on water use are corn (30%), rice (15%), and vegetables grown in the open (14%). Pasquale explains that these crops help Italy become more self-efficient. However, there is still more room for improvement for the future to come.

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