Daytona Beach Shore Erosion
Storms, Devastation, & Climate Change


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Daytona Beach Shore Erosion

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Many years ago (2010), I visited Daytona Beach with my family. It was during the peak season, Summer, and I remember the locals there were concerned about the intensity of the past and upcoming hurrican seasons and its affect on the shoreline. Since Daytona is a destination spot, there are many hotels that line the coast as well as houses. When the coast is battered by hurricanes the shore line erodes due to the high winds and rain. The coastline provides a barrier and with the increase in global temperatures hurricanes are becoming more frequent and cause destruction to the surrounding areas. Along with the erosion of the shore line there is an increase of flooding which flows inland and displaces families as well as the animals that live in the coastal ecosystem. Sea turtles, most importantly their nests, are affected by this as well as the destruction of protective sea dunes.

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Coastal Ocean

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Jillian Spiva

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