Earth Day 2015-Recognizing Endangered Species Project-Yellowfin Tuna
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Earth Day 2015-Recognizing Endangered Species Project-Yellowfin Tuna

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Yellowfin Tuna, often called Ahi Tuna when being eaten, are an extremely endangered species. They rely on the water because they live in it. These fish are known for their beautiful yellow scales, their ability to swim up to 43 miles per hour, and also their presence in the food market. They are migratory fish, so they can be found in the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific oceans. Although Yellowfin Tuna can be found on the endangered species list, they are still being overfished. This species of tuna is extremely important to the marine environment. They are known as one of the top predators of the ocean; therefore, they play a large role in maintaining balance in the ocean environment. In my opinion, the fishing of this species should stop all together so that Yellowfin Tuna can be pulled off the endangered species list. Something we could do to support this effort on a smaller scale is to refrain from consuming this tuna.

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