Water Monitoring of Noses Creek
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Water Monitoring of Noses Creek

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Observations of microscopic organism levels of Noses Creek during early spring. Started March 3rd 2015, and observed through April 23rd 2015. Steady increase of microorganisms when water temperature was increasing. With the introduction of fish, crawfish, algae, leaf cover, and high precipitation, a sharp decrease in amount of microorganisms was observed. Site was adjacent to local road and had runoff from road, parking lot, and trash dumpster. Stream was a sandy bottom with sharp sidewalls, approximately 1-3 feet deep, quick-moving immediately following rain, otherwise slow moving stream. This location is near the headwaters (retention pond) of Noses Creek. After this location, Noses Creek flows through residential areas, Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield, and joins Sweetwater Creek, then flows into the Chattahoochee River.

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