Sediment acidification and juvenile bivalves
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Sediment acidification and juvenile bivalves

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Ocean acidification poses a threat to various forms of marine life as our oceans continue to absorb ever-increasing amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Although our understanding of how OA might impact organisms under near-future scenarios, there is much that we don't know. For example, the vast majority of OA studies deal strictly with water column acidification, while sediment acidification remains largely unexplored.Under the supervision of Dr. Heather Hunt at the University of New Brunswick, my Ph.D. dissertation is assessing the how sediment acidification affects juvenile soft-shell clam behaviour and physiology utilizing lab, field, and mesocosm approaches. I will be moving into the final year of my Ph.D. this coming September and am currently seeking a post-doctoral position upon completion in the arenas of ocean acidification and/or benthic ecology.

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