Earth Day 2015-Endangered Species Project-Dusky Gopher Frog-Rana Servosa
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Earth Day 2015-Endangered Species Project-Dusky Gopher Frog-Rana Servosa

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The Dusky Gopher Frog , Rana Servosa, is an endangered species that lives in Mississippi. This species of frog inhabit sandy areas covered with leaves and pine as well as temporary wetlands for reproduction purposes. The Gopher Frog is endangered because of droughts, "genetic isolation, inbreeding, droughts, floods," and further economical development of the land which only adds threats to the quickly dwindling population. Frogs have many beneficial qualities when necessitate the importance of us preventing further endangerment of the Gopher Frog. Tadpoles help keep water clean by feeding on algae. Mature frogs play a crucial role in insect population control, especially insects that can pose threats to humans, such as mosquitoes. Frogs can also serve as a food source for other animals, which means that their endangerment could impact the food web. In order to help the Dusky Gopher Frog, we could limit economical expansion into the one area that the frog is located.

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